Convince others to buy airtime from paybill 706915 and earn a 4% commission for every topup.

3 easy steps

How it works

All you need is to have our airtime code.

Step 1

Get an airtime code

Make the following mpesa payment:

  • Paybill:706915
  • Amount: 1

We will send you the code e.g XYZ via SMS with sender id FEDHALY. Make sure you can receive messages from this sender id. If you are not sure just dial *456*9*5*5*1# to allow all sender ids.

Step 2

Tell others to buy our airtime

For you to earn commission, tell others that if they need airtime to follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Mpesa Paybill 706915

2. Then enter the mobile number that should receive airtime followed by your airtime code from step 1. Example: 07******** XYZ.

3. Then enter amount which is the airtime value they want

Step 3

Earn commission

We credit a 4% commission to your airtime code e.g XYZ and the mobile number that was submitted gets the full airtime purchased. This is done over and over again for every topup.

You can sign up for an web account to view all topups done using your airtime code and the money earned. Withdraw your money anytime by Paybill:706915, Account: WITHDRAW [AMOUNT] [AIRTIME CODE] e.g to withdraw Ksh. 100 from XYZ would be WITHDRAW 100 XYZ.

Airtime topup quarantees

Our airtime topup service guarantees the following:

Reverse call for support

Incase you have any issue or need any help or assistance, just reverse call our number and we will call you as soon as possible. You shouldn't bear the cost of seeking support.

Automatic reversal

Incase we are unable to top you up, the mpesa payment is automatically reversed giving you a chance to try again or buy airtime somewhere else and come back again later.

No paybill charges

Our paybill doesn't charge any fees for all amounts.

Our airtime transaction portal features

Easily view and track all topups done by your airtime code.


You can view all transactions done by everyone you have managed to convince so far to buy airtime from our paybill. You just need to sign up on our web portal.


You are the only person who can withdraw from your account since the your airtime code is linked to your mpesa number.


You get to see all kinds of stats e.g number of customers under you, amount collected etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more about the platform here

Do I need any capital or upfront payment to start this?

No you don't. This is just an affiliate marketing type of business where you are paid a commission for bringing customers to buy airtime from our service. This commission is 4% of every topup done by the customers you brought.

How do I withdraw?

First you track and view all topups that belong to you in the web portal so you have to sign up for that. Whenever the amount is Ksh. 10 and above you can withdraw. To withdraw you just go to paybill 706915 and on the account field enter the word WITHDRAW followed by AMOUNT followed by YOUR AIRTIME CODE e.g WITHDRAW 500 XYZ and pay Ksh.1. Mpesa business to customer send money fees apply.

Can organisations use this platform to costlessly fundraise?

Yes they can. For example a church can sign up and create a paybill based or bank based airtime code which then members can use when topping up airtime and then the church will get a 4% commission for each and every topup done by its members.

How long will I earn commission from a customer I brought?

You will earn commission from a customer you brought for as long as they remain to be your customer. If they buy airtime and enter a different airtime code belonging to someone else, thats a switch and the owner of that airtime code will start earning and you won't earn anymore from this particular customer.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.